Apple Barrel Bark Products

Apple Barrel Bark has supplied North Central Washington’s landscaping bark products needs since 1977. From locations in both Wenatchee and Chelan/Manson, this family owned and operated business sells natural products for your landscaping projects—large or small. Apple Barrel Products are the “green solution” for your landscaping.

Beauty Bark & Wood Products

Apple Barrel Beauty Bark products come from the mills and are primarily from Hemlock, Pine and Douglas Fir (the most popular). Bob either grounds this product into a fine mulch or screens it to uniform size. Our product is commonly used in flowerbeds or landscaping where flowers and shrubs need to be held down or to control moisture. These products are available in a 2 cubic foot bags on hand and in bulk.

We also have sawdust, shavings, and hog fuel available in 2 cubic foot bags and in bulk that you can pick up or have it delivered to your location.

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Bark Products

Compost Products

Apple Barrel Bark compost is ground up wood products that has been blended with liquid nitrogen and stockpiled to generate heat that breaks down the wood fiber. The resultant compost decomposes when it is introduced with topsoil. This is used to enhance any soil that is lacking nutrients and to help hold moisture in the soil. Our compost products are commonly used in flower and vegetable gardens to enhance the soil. These products are available 2 cubic foot bags on hand and in bulk.

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Compost and Mulch Products

Topsoil Products

Our topsoil is a sandy loam soil that has been screened to an eighth inch to remove all the larger rocks. It is commonly used to break up a clay soil, for filling, and for landscaping berms. Bob uses this product in his 4-way planting mix by adding fine bark mulch (like peat moss) organic fertilizers and touch of lime to keep a pH of 7. This is very popular for sod and grass, scrub plantings and trees for rapid growth and in all landscaping plantings and gardens, as well as being an excellent black bark ground cover. Bob's 4-way is the #1 selling landscaping product in the valley.

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Topsoil Products

Sand, Gravel & Rock Products

We have washed concrete and course concrete sand that is perfect for playground sandboxes and for concrete mixing. Our rock products include driveway gravels, landscaping rocks in different colors, one and two man rock for retaining walls, drain rock, and round river rocks. These products are available for bulk pickup and for delivery.

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Sand & Gravel Products

Landscape Fabric

Dewitt Commercial Grade
3' x 250' — $99.95
4' x 250' — $139.95
6' x 250' — $199.95
12' x 250' — $399.95 (this size needs to be pre-ordered)

Residential Grade
We will cut to fit your job. Comes in a 6' wide roll...cost is only $1 per foot.
We also carry staples, bungee cords and tarps for you to secure your load.

Proud member of the Washington Organic Recycling Council

Apple Barrel Bark soil has been tested by an independent lab and proven to be the very best soil mix available. This product beat or exceeded all key category elements necessary for maximum growing conditions.