Compost Mix Products

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Screened Garden Compost

This is the best product available and a top seller. Made to be rototilled into the garden.
Price: $34.00 per cubic yd.


Yakima Mulch

A larger grade of compost with no organic fertilizer. For a top dressing to help abet erosion.
Price: $32.00 per cubic yd.


Composted Barnyard Fertilizer

Organic barnyard matter to be added to soil to increase nitrogen content.
Price: $52.00 per cubic yd.


Organic Apple Pulp Fertilizer (Apple-Gro)

A terrific product made by the Treetop Cider Cooperative which is then mixed with a dried fertilizer and liquid Urea to increase nitrogen. Used to add nitrogen to the soil.
Price: $28.00 per cubic yd.

Prices apply to Wenatchee barkyard location only.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Proud member of the Washington Organic Recycling Council

Apple Barrel Bark soil has been tested by an independent lab and proven to be the very best soil mix available. This product beat or exceeded all key category elements necessary for maximum growing conditions.