Bark & Wood Products

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Tacoma Red Medium

This is a bright red bark of approx. 1″ to fine, made of unprocessed Hemlock Fir. Mill Run bark is a nice looking bark at a great price. This is the bark that people are usually thinking of when they ask for "bark dust".
Price: $34.00 per cubic yd.


Fine Screened Bark

Small, fine red bark.
Price: $46.00 per cubic yd.


Medium Screened Bark

Medium screened is a red bark with all the fine and large chunks screened out, leaving 2” to 3″ strips and 1” to 2″chunks. This is great for windy areas and is one of our most popular barks.
Price: $36.00 per cubic yd.


Small Bark Nuggets

These pine nuggets are all under 2" and are uniform pieces of bark that will last a long time. This is a new product and is now our most popular product. — NEW PRODUCT!!
Price: $46.00 per cubic yd.


Medium Bark Nuggets

Our biggest, chunkiest bark.
Price: $46.00 per cubic yd.


Pathway Bark

This medium screened dark brown bark of approximately 1″ pieces has a few pieces of gravel that gives a very natural looking effect. As the name suggests, this bark is perfect for pathways and trafficked areas.
Price: (sale price) $20.00 per cubic yd.

New Recycled Product!  

Colored Mulch

Recycled pallets ground into a fine mulch, and then colored with non-toxic dye.  Safe for the environment and a useful by-product of all those pesky, unwanted wood pallets.  The future of bark - as soon there will be no more trees allowed to be cut down.  Available in brown, black and red.
Introductory Price: $42.00 per cubic yd.


Sawdust & Shavings

Fine particle wood Sawdust for any variety of practical uses including mulch. And Shavings, thin wood pieces from wood planers, that is often used for animal bedding.
Price: $20.00 per cubic yd.


Hog Fuel

Hog Fuel is a product of ground up bark and wood fiber that is used specifically for mud control in animal arenas, paddocks and barns. This product provides a cushioned barrier to keep animals dry during wet times of the year. Can also be used around construction sites.
Price: $25.00 per cubic yd.


Playground Wood Chips

This is a nice and cushiony soft fall playground chip. It is perfect for playgrounds, toys and underneath swing sets. We already supply this product to many of the local schools.
Price: $44.00 per cubic yd.


Landscape Fabric

Dewitt Commercial Grade
3' x 50' — $34.95
3' x 250' — $99.95
4' x 250' — $139.95
6' x 250' — $199.95
12' x 250' — $399.95 (this size needs to be pre-ordered)

Residential Grade
We will cut to fit your job. Comes in a 6' wide roll...cost is only $1 per foot.
We also carry staples, bungee cords and tarps for you to secure your load.

Prices apply to Wenatchee barkyard location only.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Proud member of the Washington Organic Recycling Council

Apple Barrel Bark soil has been tested by an independent lab and proven to be the very best soil mix available. This product beat or exceeded all key category elements necessary for maximum growing conditions.