Apple Barrel Bark Fleet & Equipment

Apple Barrel Bark has an entire fleet of trucks and trailers to meet all your product delivery needs. Trucking rates and local delivery fees are charged at the standard rate of $100 per hour. If you live nearby, we will certainly make you an incredible deal, even in these tough economic times for fuel. Below are images of our fleet, with information on their payloads. Please call 509-663-3833 to schedule a delivery today!

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Dump Truck — this tri-axle dump truck can hold up to 12 yards up tosoil or 15 yards of bark. Large trucks weigh approx 25,000 lbs when empty. Bob’s fleet currently has 5 dump trucks available for large projects. Truck & Pup — standard dump with a pup trailer behind. This unit will need lots of room to maneuver, turning around is not an option. Payload is double of the standard dump with 25 yards of topsoil or gravel. Single Axle Dump — “Special Delivery” says it all. This smaller truck can hold 10 yards of bark or 5 yards of topsoil or rock product. Perfect for those tight turns needed for backyards, through small fences, etc. If this truck can't get there, it can't be done!
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Large Loads — our walking floor semi trailer can hold up to 90 yards of bark. Room to maneuver a must with no tight turns. The belt trailer is a 50 yard hauler of bark products. Both of these haulers provide discounts when able to “drop ship” products directly to the customer.
Proud member of the Washington Organic Recycling Council

Apple Barrel Bark soil has been tested by an independent lab and proven to be the very best soil mix available. This product beat or exceeded all key category elements necessary for maximum growing conditions.