"BOB'S APPLE BARREL BARK has been supplying bark and landscaping products in North Central Washington for the past 33 years. We wrote the book on the bark supply business."


Apple Barrel Bark

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Bob's Apple Barrel Bark is the leader in full service landscaping products including gravel, topsoil and multiple grades and quality of bark, and more. We are locally operated and run since 1977, and work with local mills and suppliers for the materials that we grind to produce our own product. This is why we are able to offer great wholesale and retail pricing. Our home delivery and available labor teams can assist you with any job—small home project; larger business acreage; large state and government projects. No project is too big or too small!

Our new 53 foot trailer can haul up to 100 yards of bark per load, and deliver the best topsoil in North Central Washington. We can now offer a slinger truck to deliver and place all products at your location. Or you can save money by picking it up from our yards in your own vehicle.

Apple Barrel Bark products are available at two convenient locations to service your needs—Wenatchee and Chelan. From Bridgeport to Leavenworth to Quincy and all areas in between, we have you covered!

We are a proud member of the Washington Organic Recycle Council dedicated to the support and promotion of all aspects of organics recycling.   NEW recycled product!  Colored Mulch


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Bob's Apple Barrel Bark - Wenatchee
Proud member of the Washington Organic Recycling Council

Apple Barrel Bark soil has been tested by an independent lab and proven to be the very best soil mix available. This product beat or exceeded all key category elements necessary for maximum growing conditions.